Aok Automotive Repairs Steering & Suspension

The suspension in your vehicle does more than make your ride smoother! In fact it’s a key component of safety, and without it – your steering, brakes and tyres won’t work efficiently.

When was the last time you had your vehicle’s suspension & steering checked?

Your Suspension System – How does it work?

Your car’s suspension system allows you to ride relatively undisturbed while travelling over rough roads. It also allows your vehicle to corner with minimum roll or sway, stop with a minimum of brake dive and accelerate with a minimum of acceleration squat. This dynamic control keeps the tyres in contact with the road. The components of your car’s suspension system perform six basic functions:

  • Support vehicle weight
  • Maintain correct vehicle ride height
  • Reduce the effect of shock forces
  • Keep the tyres in contact with the road
  • Maintain correct wheel alignment
  • Control the vehicle’s direction of travelTo ensure this happens, all of the vehicle suspension components, both front and rear, must be in good working condition.

Components of your Suspension System

Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of different components. The main components are struts, shock absorbers, springs, torsion bars and tyres.

Shocks and struts are important for your driving safety. Their function is to keep the tyres on the road by controlling spring and suspension movements by maintaining a vertical load on the tyres. Under normal driving conditions, the shock absorbers

on your car stroke over one thousand times per kilometre. As a result, shock absorbers wear out quite quickly. To maintain the maximum ride, comfort and handling of your vehicle, manufacturers recommend to check shock absorber performance every 20,000kms and have them replaced every 80,000kms.

The springs support the weight of your vehicle, acting as a flexible link allowing the frame and body to ride relatively undisturbed while the tyres and suspension follow the road.

Aok Automotive Repairs offers suspension upgrades for extreme & off road applications.

The Danger of Worn Shocks

It only takes one worn shock absorber in your car to compromise your safety. Your braking distance can be increased by two metres, travelling at 40km/h, when your shock absorbers aren’t working properly. This can cause a great deal of damage to your car.

Worn shocks may lead to:

  • Excessive tyre bounce

  • Poor tyre-to-road contact

  • Reduced suspension control

  • Premature tyre wear

  • Reduced handling and braking performance

  • Noise and suspension vibration.

Worn suspension components can lead to premature wear on your vehicle’s steering components. Most modern cars have rack & pinion steering, and most modern vehicles are power steer assisted, with some models being high-tech in configuration.

Common faults with vehicle steering are:

  • Excessive free play in steering wheel

  • Vehicle drifting off road when driven straight ahead ? Knocking felt in steering wheel over bumps

  • Power steer fluid loss & leaks

  • Excessive tyre wear

Steering components in your vehicle need regular checkups just like your vehicle suspension. When your car is serviced at Aok Automotive Repairs your vehicle suspension & steering is checked as part of the service.

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