Engine Cooling System Service

Engine Cooling System Service

Repair at AokEvery vehicle has an optimal engine operating temperature.

Regular servicing of your vehicle’s cooling system, for example replacing the coolant reguarly  prolongs the life of other cooling components such as hoses, radiators and water pumps.

A major failure of the cooling system could result in costly major engine and transmission repairs.

The age of your vehicle will effect what components of your cooling system need replacement.  A thorough and proper inspection of your radiator, hoses and connections may reveal possible leaks that require attention.  Coolant has a limited service life, typically of 2 to 3 years.

The replacement of radiator coolant is usually undertaken in line with the vehicle manufacturer specifications, or more frequently under heavy operating conditions.

As part of our standard servicing At AoK Automotive Repairs, we inspect, diagnose and repair (with your approval) engine cooling systems.

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