Brake & Clutch Repairs

Regular brake inspections should be part of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance and is important aspect of safety for you, your family and the public. At Aok Automotive Repairs we inspect brakes and braking system whenever we carry out car servicing, helping to ensure safety and reliability. In fact, we recommend that you have them inspected at least once a year or if you experience any of the following:

  • Low or spongy brake pedal

  • Hard brake pedal

  • Brake warning light that stays on

  • Continuously squealing or grinding brakes

  • Brake pedal pulsating under foot when braking ? Steering wheel shake when braking

  • Vibrations when braking

Brake fluid is recommended by all manufacturers to be replaced every 24-30 months as its molecular structure absorbs water. Compromised brake fluid can wear out components in hydraulic brake systems prematurely and effect braking efficiency.

Any time you notice these symptoms (or any others) – it’s a good idea to have your brakes checked. At Aok Automotive Repairs, we offer free quotes for brake servicing.

Mechanic working Under Back of Vintage Car

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