Air Conditioning Service



Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Number: AU06040

At AoK Automotive Repairs we service all makes and models of car air conditioning.

If your air conditioning in your car is not ‘cold’, this does not necessarily mean that it has run out of refrigerant. Sometimes leaks in the air conditioning system will mean refrigerant may escape – which requires the system to be inspected before it can be refilled with refrigerant. A properly working air conditioning system should not require additional refrigerant.

Vehicle manufacturers do recommend you service your air conditioning every 2 to 4 years. Such service schedules may include:

• Drier/Strainer or accumulator (for models fitted with same)
• Replenishment of refrigerant to manufacturer specifications

 Other major repairs may include the following service items:

• TX valves
• Pressure Switches
• Compressors
• Condensers
• Evaporators
• Flushing the air conditioning system

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Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Number: AU06040

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