Road Trip: Guide to preparing your car

1. Wash  your car before you go giving special attention to windows and windshields so you will have maximum vision.

2. Check your tyres. Make sure the PSI is correct for the weight you’ll be carrying, that they have been rotated recently and have more than enough wear on them for the journey.

3. Check  all the fluids in your car.  This includes the oil, break fluids, window washing water,  power steering fluids, and transmission fluids.

4. Have a minor service before you go.  If you don’t have time at least get it inspected to see if anything needs replacing or is close to expiring and should be watched.  Being stranded by the side of the road and having to call a tow truck don’t make for good holiday memories.

5. Plan your trip ahead so you know where you are going.  Getting lost will simply cost you more in fuel and unnecessary wear and tear on your car

6. Start with a full tank of petrol.  If you are sharing the cost of fuel with another, always have an agreement about expense distribution before you go and keep all receipts.

7. Check your emergency items such as jumper cables, a flashlight and extra batteries.  It’s also handy to have a couple of litres of water, a first aid kit, and even toilet paper. These items are essential and even if it’s only once that you need them, you’ll be grateful you thought to pack them.

8. Clean your car. A clean car makes for a positive mood; -a must when traveling with other people.  Vacuum it and throw out any and all rubbish laying around.  Space is limited, so you will find it easier to pack from a clean car in the first place.

9. Organise your music well in advance.  Radio stations aren’t reliable in remote areas and silence can be boring.  Cds are bulky so instead load your GPS or ipod/ iPhone.

10. Keep things as light as possible – that should improve your fuel consumption!

Enjoy your trip


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