Will I void my new car warranty if I don’t go back to my dealership?

Your warranty is not effected as long as the service or repairs undertaken are done by a qualified mechanic.

Do you do the work yourself, or do you farm it out to other workshops?

Aok Mechanical Repairs do all vehicle repairs in our own workshop.

Can I get a quote, and does it include labour, parts and GST?

Quotes for all work are available and the price includes labour, parts and GST.  The vehicle may need to be inspected in order to be diagnosed and an accurate quote provided.  Contact AoK Automotive Repairs to discuss your requirements.

Is there public transport available ?

The Springwood bus exchange is nearby as well as regular BCC bus services.

Can I get my car back the same day?

This depends on the nature of the work being done.  It is recommended you book a time for a service.

Are you open on weekend?

We are open Saturday mornings by appointment only.


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