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Engine Warning Lights

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Engine Warning Light

Technology in the modern car is becoming more complex .Tomorrow’s cars will have even more complex electronic systems as technology moves forward.

All of these electronic systems are continually running self check diagnostic tests of electronic components & circuits. When a fault is present this can trigger Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) & warning light or lights will be displayed. Sometimes Diagnostic Trouble Codes can be present without displaying a warning light.

If your cars warning light fails to extinguish after start up or flashes during driving indicates that your has a problem & needs action taken. Sometimes stopping & restarting the car will extinguish the warning light, but there will be Diagnostic Trouble Code present in the computer’s memory (ECU). This will need to be checked & Error Code erased as this can cause problems also.

Aok Automotive Repairs workshop is equipped to perform a full diagnostic scan of your vehicles computer systems & carry out repairs. Most of the times no repairs are needed , all that is required is the DTC be erased & ECU be reset. For more information or to make a booking call Aok Automotive Repairs today.

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