Brake Service & Repairs

A car’s braking system is one of most important components of a motor vehicle. Regular inspections & maintenance is required for your car braking systems. As the components of your car braking system have the important job of stopping you & your car they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Aok Automotive Repairs expert mechanic offers brake service & repairs. We can also diagnosis ABS Lights & faults. Whenever  we carry out a car service at Aok Automotive Repairs your brakes are inspected & report is given on any repairs that are needed.

Here’s some common problems with brakes, if your car is experiencing any of problems or you just want your cars brakes inspected & free quote, then call Aok Automotive Repairs Slacks Creek for brake & clutch repairs.

  • Hard Brake Pedal? Low or Spongy Brake Pedal?

  • Brake warning light that stays on?

  • Continuously squealing or grinding brakes?

  • Brake pedal pulsating under foot when braking ? Steering wheel shake when braking ?

  • Vibrations when braking?