Benefits of getting your car serviced regularly

Block Oil Pump Pick Up

Our cars are such an important part of every day living now that we take them for granted.  However if you care for your car, service it regularly and respect it, you will have a much more reliable, safe and roadworthy car than if you didn’t.  Cars that are not regularly serviced are more likely to breakdown and which will cost you excessive amounts of your hard earnt money for car repairs.  Prevention is far better than surgery.

Regular log book services or simply a minor service will prevent early engine damage & extend the life of your car’s engine. Regular oil changes will prevent engine oil sludge which blocks oil pump pick ups & oil galleries . Dirty oil has abrasive contaminants which cause wear. Regular oil changes will make your car engine run cleaner & quitter , you can also expect a improvement in fuel efficiency . A car in good mechanical condition will gain a higher sale price than one that’s mechanically unsound, unsafe or just plain old and tired.  Also regular servicing extends the life of mechanical components and gives you a heads up as to what’s going on under the bonnet so you don’t get any nasty surprise like a timing belt braking or a head gasket blowing.  As Murphy’s law would have it,  it tends to happen when you least expect it, when you most need your car and can’t afford to get it fixed.

Don’t wait till your car has stopped to give it some TLC.


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